Artistic Anatomy

A good 3D sculptor can make viewers and critics question whether the work was produced traditionally or digitally. Anatomy is an essential part of good sculpture and for all artists wishing to excel in their craft.

In this comprehensive online course, Dan Crossland will expand your understanding of human anatomy and physiology. This 8 week intensive course teaches anatomy in a way that is clear, concise and easy to digest. In hands-on projects, you will also learn how to translate this knowledge into 3D forms.

Take your sculptures to the next level of realism and appeal by adding accuracy and expression to your work.

Winter 2019 Class Dates: 
Sunday, February 3rd - Tuesday, April 9th, 2019
Live Q&A time: Thursdays at 12:00pm PT
Please note that attendance is not mandatory. Sessions will be recorded for later viewing.

Skill Level:  
Intermediate to Advanced ZBrush. No Anatomy experience necessary.

What you need:
High speed internet connection
- Zbrush